~Speech Therapy for Children~
“The Speech Station provides a child centered therapeutic environment that builds the communication and social skills essential to positive peer and family relationships."
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The Speech StAtion
About The Speech Station.
The Speech Station offers intervention in a small group setting facilitated by our experienced language specialists in order to promote positive communication opportunities with peers. Additionally, school readiness skills such as joint attention and behavior are targeted through a language rich curriculum. As an integral piece of the child's therapy process, we provide parent training opportunities and individualized home programs to support the generalization of new skills across environments.

As Speech-Language Pathologists certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and licensed by the state of California, we identify, evaluate, and treat children with communication and related disorders.

If you suspect a child has a communication disorder and would benefit from an assessment, please consider referring them to us. We welcome the opportunity to work with all children who need speech and language treatment and their families.